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Reroot Barbie’s PINK Hair♡

Hi, Barbie dolls!

Do you have Barbie doll who looks alike you? Like ‘mini-me’? I kinda had her but she didn’t look exact like me, so I always wished if I could repaint or remake her. And I finally ordered PINK hair for rerooting on etsy. I ordered from The Doll Planet Hair.

IMG_8357  IMG_8356

I ordered two shades of pink since my own hair is kinda like middle of those two colors. I used Molly Ringwald and Baby Unicorn.

I used Birth Stone Barbie which has Steffie head mold. She has round cheek like mine, so I though she could be Mini-Me. I pulled out her head off, and pulled all hair out from inside with tweezers.


I used a reroot tool to put hair little by little. I didn’t take video this time unfortunately… I’m so sorry… The tool is like a split needle pen. You just need to hang little bundle of hair and pushed needle into her head and pull out. When you pull it out, she


It didn’t take too long for me to get used to do it, but it still took forever…





Half way!

This time I rerooted too much hair I think, so her hair became too thick!lol However her hair looks pretty cool already!!







Finally finished rooting hair! It took more than couple hours for me and I broke several needles. It was hard till I got used to it but still so much fun to do. And then I needed to make bangs like mine. Sprayed some water on hair, hold with plastic wrap, and put whole head in ziplock, then put ziplock soaked in hot water.



After let hair air dry, then I could finally trim it.





She had pretty blue eyes but mine is not, so I painted dark brown over the blue.








Ok, I didn’t do perfect but I’m satisfied enough:) She is adorable and so special to me!!! I love her a lot and feel like dressing her with something awesome.




I totally recommend to try rerooting! Be creative♡

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