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OREO FUN Barbie♡

Hi, Barbie dolls♡

Let me share my latest purchase of Barbie doll which I wanted to get for a while!


OREO FUN Barbie!!! I mean ‘Who doesn’t like Oreo!?”, right? Barbie + Oreo = the coolest collaboration. It’s from year 1997, I got her on eBay. If you would like to purchase some vintage Barbie dolls, eBay is always good one to search. I use eBay a lot. I really love how 90’s Pink box Barbie look.


First, the design of box is already good. Looks so fun, and pop. Great for decorating my Barbie place!


Her oreo bomber jacket is lit!



Also loves the Barbie sized Oreo box and Oreo bag! Cute cute cute!!! I still have a bunch of 90’s Barbie left on my wish list. Buying those one by one every month(well, sometimes every is my little joy♡ Look forward next!

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