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National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention 2016♡ Day 2

Hi, Barbie Girls♡

So let me talk about Day 2 of my Barbie Convention experience!

Day 2 had a really great start actually. I went downstairs to pick up BFC member gift. Mattel will give you nice gifts if you’re a member of Barbie Fan Club! If you’re not a member yet, I truly recommend to be since it’s totally worth it. It exceeds its membership fee! These are what they gave me!


I was like “REALLYYYY!?!?!?” HERVE LEGER Barbie!?!?!? No kidding! They know how to make me happy seriously! Damn!!


And scarf as well. Actually it’s the one I always wanted to buy!! How lucky I am!?


I also love the Barbie paper bag they gave us. I won’t use it but keep♡

I was going to sales room but had to go back to room because I needed to leave BFC member gift at room. Then went down again:)


So all sellers who were selling at hotel room yesterday opens booth at huge salesroom today!



Not only dolls but also doll houses, furnitures, clothes, accessories…etc etc… If you don’t wanna spend any money, don’t go.lol

The things caught my eyes most was absolutely these below!!! Hallmark!!!! You probably know they always make really pretty Barbie stuff but this and next year is the prettiest one EVER!!!!!!!!! I swear!!!


Literally I’m buying all of them!!!!!

Ladies from Hallmark were really sweet and told me they’re gonna be at store in September this year. Can’t wait. They’ll be at Hallmark stores and online as well.



After shopping around, I went back to room to get ready for today’s big event which is Luncheon at grand ballroom. It’s Mattel presentation event, so I couldn’t take pictures of musical show but I still share some of other pictures.


There are over 80 tables and each has 10 people. My table hosts and table mates were super sweet♡



Here’s table set.


Yes, there are so many souvenirs from sponsors and table hosts & mates♡ It’s more than your birthday or Christmas!!! And thanks to Hyatt, the foods are pretty good. Especially I loved how they decorate desserts. Yes, POP ART themed!!!


At this luncheon, Mattel also gave us one more doll which is Andy Warhol #2 Barbie!


How sweet they are!? To be honest, I thought the convention ticket is totally worth it already at this point. And I even haven’t gotten my convention doll yet. I mean, really!?

The end of the meal, they do raffle for centerpiece doll. And guess what? I won the doll this time!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m really lucky one!!!!!!


Including a sofa and back screen! She’s so unique and pretty. Conventioneers who won this doll has a right to purchase another special companion doll! I didn’t get that system first but my table mates were so sweet that they explained to me nicely. So I went there to get that special one.


Yes, it is Andy Warhol Ken Doll!!!! Fun!!! Actually he is my very first KEN! His messy platinum hair, black frame glasses… everything looks perfect Warhol!

After luncheon, people were hanging out there to chat and take pictures. I could meet more people there.



I really wanted to take pictures with actors from stage, but when I found them I was told that it was too late by some staff…


However actors were so sweet and they took one with me!




It was the best moment from Day 2 ♡

After lunch I was sooooooooo exhausted maybe because I had been too excited and hyper?lol So I was chilling with hotel roommate and opening all those cute souvenirs!


Handmade doll chair from table mate.



Barbie-ish wrapped sweets from table mate.




To be continued to Day 3♡


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