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National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention 2016♡ Day 1

Hi, Barbie Girls♡

I haven’t posted any blog post for a week because I was super duper busy for this biggest event in a year; Barbie Convention!!!!!!!! To be exact, it’s called National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention aka NBDCC. This year it was held in Jacksonville, FL. I went there with my PINK HAIR Barbie…♡


Barbie packing her outfits for trip.



So, I’m going to share my first experience of Barbie Convention here! However it’s going to be a day by day since there is too much stuff to write about and I don’t think I could post with just one article! I know I should have posted those during convention week but forgive me, I was enjoying myself too much to write.lol


Let me start from the day 1 today;)!!

So it officially started from July 26th and that’s the day I arrived Jacksonville. Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront Hotel which held convention is really pretty one right next to river as its name suggests. Barbie loved the room as we checked in.


She is holding the hotel card key which is Barbie Convention Version!!!


This year’s theme is POP ART and they had all those sign with her picture on.


Hotel front even had welcome Barbie dolls that make all conventioneers happier.






They also had a cute photo booth but unfortunately I never got a good picture because it was too dark…Aww…


I was had no make up on and looked crappy from over night flight, but one lady came to me and asked for a picture together.lol She was really sweet and dressing ‘pop art’ themed. (We became really good friends during convention!) I really realized there are all Barbie Lovers here, we all have things in common no matter where we’re from! I was so excited and ready to make new Barbie friends!!!


As soon as I checked in room, I changed my clothes… and put some make up…


TA-DA—♡ Here’s my OOTD for Day1!


Tube top dress: Barbie from Japan

Necklace & Bracelet: Sara Gallo Jewelry


First of all, I registered and ran to First timer meeting. There were maybe around 50 people there, and I was not the only one who came alone. The lady introduced all events and programs to first timers, and told us to just ask people if we didn’t know things because there was a ton of people who are eager to teach first timers.lol It made me more comfortable since I was little bit nervous being alone there. Not any more though! Ready to have fun!!!

They gave me a time table so easy to schedule. I decided to walk around little bit to check each sellers at hotel rooms. They do sales room event at hall from the second day, but they open at their own hotel room for the first day! If you really wanted to get like OOAK dolls or rare vintage, you might wanna check from the day 1.


They have all ads at elevator hall at each floors.

I just wanted to see them so came into some random rooms. They were all friendly and nice.


It’s open so don’t feel shy to enter!

These are amazing OOAK dolls!!!





Another seller had vintage clothes.




And next, I went down to Hard Rock Cafe Sales Room. They have time table panel everywhere, so I never missed what I wanted to get and see.




They open for particular time during convention, so you really need to check WHAT you wanna buy or WHERE you wanna see. I wanted to get their limited items since I always like their Barbie collaborations.



I got a box of pins(will share the photo later), and also a bracelet for convention 2016.


Looks cool, right? It doesn’t have any PINK, I know. But… so what!?!? Sometimes I just need to get it.lol

At the end of the day, we had Groovy Gallery Welcome Reception!!!


It wasn’t too dressy one but still had fun and met a bunch of people! They were also showing dolls for silent and live auction.





I had a chance to meet Italian Barbie designer duo Magia2000!


Their doll for auction is amazingly gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

Well, unfortunately I can’t afford them yet but still it’s really fun to walk through and watch those beautiful dolls!!!


While I was meeting and greeting people, I finally met one of Barbie DREAM TEAM guys!!!


Mr. Carlyle Nuera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He has been designing soon many cool and unique Barbie dolls, like Claudette Gordon™ Barbie® Doll or edgy Fashionistas dolls!!!

He was such a sweet person, he even remembered my name from Instagram!!! Literally I could die when he goes “Umm… your name Azusa???”!!!!! He definitely made my day and that was the most delightful moment from Day 1!!!

I really noticed all Barbie conventioneers were so nice to first timers! They would love to share any informations with us and always open to be good friends! I was pretty exhausted when I finally went back to my room but also couldn’t help being excited for Day 2!!!







My First Barbie Convention started perfectly♡



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