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Happy 57th Birthday, BARBIE♡

Hi, Barbie Girls♡

It’s Barbie’s 57th Birthday today! How are you celebrating her special day?

This year, I custom-ordered Barbie PINK birthday cake for her from Hansen’s Cake. OMG they did great job seriously! I was sooo excited when I picked it up and you’ll never know how nervous I was not to mess up when I was driving back home.lol


Are you ready to see it???





It’s 8 inches round cake with buttercream and strawberry filling. The top is digital print so it comes in perfect shape!


Oh Barbie, you look more beautiful today…♡

I didn’t wanna mess up the top so asked heart plate for message.


My hand was almost shaking when I put candles…


I just couldn’t stop taking photos it was too a-doll-able(*´∀`*)♡



I had an appointment with the Johnson’s so I brought this cake to show the girls♡ I’m glad they loved it!!!


(Betsey Johnson and me♡)


Happy 57th Birthday, BARBIE♡♡♡

You’re always my inspiration, role model, and everything!

I L♡VE YOU, Barbie♡xoxo

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