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DIY Barbie Cupcake toppers♡

Hi, Barbie Dolls♡

When you purchase new Barbie items especially clothes, what do you do with cute Barbie tags? Do you just cut them off and throw away?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! They are one of the cutest things! Don’t waste them but be creative;)!

IMG_8910 (1)


I always keep them and sometime use for display at glass cabinet of Barbie, but today I got another idea to use them! I got this idea  while baking cupcakes today…


IMG_8914 (1)


I wanted to add Barbie logo on the top of frosting so I cut out some of tags I kept and put toothpick on their back! Yes, cupcake toppers!!! They came out super Barbie-ish♡

IMG_8946 (1)

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