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Barbie Styled By Me♡ Delivered!!!!!

Hi, Barbie Girls♡

I finally got my Barbie Styled By Me Doll which I ordered online the other day!


The pink box looks quite decent and makes me extremely excited!!!!! It has your name on it and you would feel soooooooo special♡


Ok now, let’s open it…



On right, your Barbie is set, and so as pink t-shirt.

On left, there’re two boxes. Lets’s open them, too…

Ta-Da—♡ I was too excited almost to forget about I also picked two more dresses! I love how they came with those nice boxes. They both look really cute needless to say…

IMG_8034 IMG_8035


You can’t forget about the purse you picked. Mine is pink quilted one.




Here’s my girl♡ Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL or what!?!?!?

IMG_8038 IMG_8041



At last, I need to share about this T-shirt♡ This is a-doll-able!!!!! It has message that you put when you ordered.





Well, my experience of Styled By Me was more than great. I really wish if they add more selections for face type and outfits! Then collectors like me would come back to order another one for sure!! Anyway I LOVE my girl so far♡


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