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Barbie fan club 2016♡

Hi, Barbie Girls♡

Have you signed up for Barbie fan club membership 2016 already??? I did two month ago and my membership card is here♡


This year’s gift is dolly chair♡♡♡


To people who haven’t singed up yet, you can still be a member!

Visit Barbie fan club Official Website!

It’s just $24.95 for one year and I think it’s totally worth it if you LOVE Barbie and collect dolls.

It includes up to $80 in Online Shop rewards, the opportunity to purchase four Club-exclusive dolls, exclusive “first looks” at quarterly Designer Videos and sneak peeks of upcoming releases, plus downloadable calendars and goodies, and access to the exclusive Barbie™ Bulletin Board… etc etc…


The only thing which could make it better was maybe the design of the card. They always had different card designs every year but this year is same as one from last year…


However, please don’t get me wrong! I really L♡VE this design(≧∇≦)♪

And actually I already ordered BFC exclusive doll and am waiting for shipment♡♡♡

Sooooo excited!!!!! xoxo

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